SOAS a.s., Kláry Jarunkovej 2, 974 01 Banská Bystrica

Dear partners,

SOAS a. s. (Slovenská obchodná aliancia stavebnín – Slovak Building Material Business Allience, henceforth referred to as SOAS a. s.) was established 9 years ago being a result of the natural process of the building material market development.
The idea of establishing the company which would make purchase of the building material more effective had been maturing for several years. The crucial role in establishing the firm was played by the current SOAS a. s. shareholders who have been operating in this field for many years.

SOAS a. s. has been developing dynamically since its operation beginnings on the market. In 2006 we had 47 points of sale, in 2007 it was 59 and these days we cover purchases for 66 business units. The best covered areas are those of the Central and Eastern Slovakia and that is why we try to expand our operation mainly to the Western Slovakia. However, our long-term goal is to cover all Slovak regions.  

At the present time we have more than 70 suppliers. We choose other suppliers according to the individual commodity analysis and also according to the market development. Our priority is to meet the demand each season and to do so without any goods delivery problems. And this is one of the reasons why we have more suppliers for the individual commodities.  

In 2006 we started the Slovak market distribution of products in private SOAS packages. These days one can see the SOAS a. s. logo on more than ten products from the firms like Saint-Gobain Construction Products s. r. o., Weber Terranova, Polyform s. r. o. and also Den Braven SK s. r. o. The main reason for labeling the products by means of the logo is to support the SOAS trademark and to strengthen the alliance on the market.

As for the number of the points of sale, SOAS a. s. is the biggest Slovak building material distributor. The business partners mainly appreciate the purchase service and marketing support provided by the alliance. All the partners still grow and develop while dealing with SOAS. The alliance membership opens a new development dimension for them and also brings long-term prosperity.
The competition pressure in the field of building material sale is still growing and for many people SOAS a. s. means prosperity guarantee for the future as well.    

SOAS represents the chain of building material sellers who by means of common progress and mutual exchange of experience create the higher quality level of services granted to their customers and business partners.



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