SOAS a.s., Kláry Jarunkovej 2, 974 01 Banská Bystrica


SOAS represents the chain of building material sellers who by means of common progress and mutual exchange of experience create the higher quality level of services granted to their customers and business partners.

Goals of the alliance:

The goal of the company is to make the activities connected with building material purchase simpler and more effective in order to increase the members’ effectiveness and to secure their permanent prosperity.

SOAS a. s. provides the members with:

  Common purchase

 Beneficial business conditions

 Common marketing strategy

 Expertise increase


 Business interest protection

History of the alliance:


ROK UDALOSŤ members points
of sale
2003 Establishment of the alliance 10 34
2004 Finding its place on the market 10 34
2005 Development of the alliance
Vstup do ZOSS a ZSPS
10 36
2006 Development of the alliance 13 47
2007 Development of the alliance 16 59
 2008  Development of the alliance  16   61 

Development of the alliance
Transmigration of the company

16 62
2010 Development od the allaince 19 63

Development of the alliance 
New member - the company TINEA, s.r.o.

20 61
2011 New member - the company STAVOMARK, spol. s r.o. 21 62

Development of the alliance 
New member - the company DYNAMIK TRADING, s.r.o., Nitra

22 63  

Development of the alliance 
New members - the company TRIPA, s.r.o., Gelnica and the company PROFISTAV, spol. s r.o., Trnava

24 61  
2013 Development of the alliance
New members - the company CPP trade, a.s., Bratislava and the company Peter Klešč-KLEŠČ, Spišské Podhradie
26 66  




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