Slovak Trade Alliance of Building Materials

More than 80 active members

Dear partners,

The company SOAS Inc. (Slovak Trade Alliance of Building Materials) was established in 2003 as a natural process in the development of the building materials market. The idea of ​​founding a company that would make the purchase of building materials more efficient has matured for several years. The alliance consists of building materials manufacturers that have been on the market for more than 25 years and have extensive experience in the sale of building materials.

SOAS Inc. has dynamically developed since the beginning of its operation on the market. The Alliance has 82 points of sale and its long-term goal is to cover all regions of Slovakia.
We currently have 66 suppliers. The alliance selects its suppliers based on an analysis of individual commodities and according to market developments. The priority in SOAS strategy is to ensure that demand is sufficiently covered during the season and that there are no problems with the supply of goods. For this reason, too, the alliance has several suppliers for individual commodities.

In 2006, we started distributing products in the SOAS private package to the Slovak market. You can currently see the SOAS Inc. logo on twenty-eight products from Saint-Gobain Construction Products, Ltd., Weber Terranova division, Polyform Ltd., Den Braven SK Ltd., Murexin Ltd., PULZ Myjava Inc., as well as MASTER PLAST Ltd. The main reason for introducing products under the brand of our company is to support the SOAS brand, and thus strengthening the position of the alliance on the market.

In terms of the number of points of sale, SOAS Inc. is the largest distributor of building materials in Slovakia. Business partners especially appreciate the purchasing service and marketing support provided by the alliance. Each of our business partners has been constantly growing and developing while being a member of SOAS alliance. Membership in the alliance brings them a new dimension of development and long-term prosperity. The pressure of competition in the sale of building materials is constantly growing and SOAS Inc. is a guarantee of prosperity for many in the future.

Alliance goals

The company's goal is to simplify and streamline activities related to the purchase of building materials in order to increase efficiency and ensure the continued prosperity of members. SOAS Ltd. provides its members with the following




the expertise

Protection of

Alliance goals

Alliance is established on Slovak market 2003 - 2004

10 members, 34 points of sale

Entered Association of Building Material Traders of Slovakia (ZOSS)
and Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia (ZSPS) 2005

10 members, 36 points of sale

Development of the Alliance 2006 - 2008

16 members, 61 points of sale

Relocation of the company 2009

16 members, 62 points of sale

Development of the Alliance 2010

18 members, 63 points of sale

New members – company TINEA Ltd.
and STAVOMARK Ltd. 2011

20 members, 62 points of sale

New members – company DYNAMIK TRADING Ltd.,
PROFISTAV Ltd. and TRIPA Ltd. 2012

22 members, 61 points of sale

New members – company CPP trade Inc.
and Stavebniny KLEŠČ Ltd. 2013

24 members, 66 points of sale

New member – company AB-stavebniny Ltd. 2014

25 members, 68 points of sale

New member – company VLADAP Plus Ltd. 2016

27 members, 69 points of sale

New member – company PARAPETROL Inc. 2017

28 members, 73 points of sale

New members – company BenátCentrum Ltd.,
RAVEN Inc. and LG Bau-Trade Ltd. 2018

30 members, 77 points of sale

New members – company STAVEBNINY BOYSI, Ltd.
and PANFLEX - SLOVAKIA, Ltd. 2019

31 members, 78 points of sale

New member – company SESTAV Stavebniny Ltd. 2020

32 members, 82 points of sale

Members of the company

We distribute our construction materials through our members

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